Gajaman - 3D

In Cinemas

Gajaman - 3D

IMDB 8.9
Genres - Comedy Animation Action
Show time - 2hrs

Gajaman is a henchman of the local politician Magodisthuma. Gajaman's life is turned upside down when Magodisthuma asks him to pick up his daughter and her friend from the airport. Trouble is, Gajaman falls in love with Magodisthuma's daughter immediately as he sees her. Magodisthuma becomes furious when he finds out about this. Gajaman is exiled from his villege and he tries to sneak back in with the help of his friend Amdan. The movie revolves around the classic SriLankan characters Gajaman and Magodisthuma created by Camillus Perera from newspaper cartoons in the 60s.


Actor Character
Gaminda Priyaviraj .
Suneth Chithrananda .
Yureni Noshika .
Dasun Pathirana .
Paboda Sandeepani .
Sunil Perera .


Directed by
Chanaka Perera
Produced by
Suneth Chithrananda
Written by
John Fonseka
Music by
Wasthi Productions
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