Article 15

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Article 15

IMDB 8.3
Genres - Crime, Drama, Thriller
Show time - 2h 10min

Loosely based in BADUN gang rape /murder incident in Uttar Pradesh India, where two young girls were raped and hanged for requesting a three rupee pay raise from their masters. The girls were of low cast (Daliths) and the masters were high casts Brahmins. The story revolves around a Brhmin police officer who peruses the case amids pressure from local brhmin community based on Article 15 of the Indian constitution which prohibits discrimination on caste or creed.


Actor Character
Ayushmann Khurrana .
Isha Talwar .
Namashi Chakraborty .
Sayani Gupta .
Kumud Mishra .


Directed by
Anubhav Sinha
Produced by
Amit J. Chaudhary
Written by
Anubhav Sinha, Gaurav Solanki
Music by
Jithin Jose

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