Rashmitha Sale Center

Electrical, Household Services, Retail

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    96/2, Greens Road, Negambo.
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    08:00 - 20:00
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96/2, Greens Road, Negambo. Negambo
08:00 - 20:00
Rashmitha Sale Center is located at Negambo, rashmitha sale center located in negombo Since 2008


*Toys : battery item, light item, remote car, plane, helicopter, shoot gun, fun track, droner, sencer item, doll, badminton, volleyball foot
ball , scale etc

*plastic : besom, bucket, stools, chair , bottle , bowl, shoe rack, vegetable rack, dusbin, cups, soutcase, mets etc

*gift item : stachu, mugs, vase, perfume, windchill, watch, glasses, keychain,teddies , wall decors, hand bag , lamp umbrella , etc

*electrical : iron, rice cooker, kettle, fan, mosquito rackerts, toarster, jug, etc

*school item : bags, bottle,lunch box, pencil box , water bottle, pen ,plastic scale, purse, etc

*kitchen item
steamer, pittu bambu, rotti plates, plates, cup, silver cup, tea cup, wangedi, melamin item, plate rack, kitchen rack, gas cookers, Non
stick fans etc

*Fancy item : hair clips, hair band, hair bool, comb, nail polish remover and bracelet etc..

*Baby items : baby chair, baby bucket, commeds, milk bottle

*Festival item : all christmas item, all vesak item, valentine item, decorations, etc..

*wicker, flowers, wall clocks etc

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