One To One Hardware Stores


90, Elpitiya Road, Wathugethara. Wathugedara
07:00 - 20:00
ONE TO ONE HARDWARE STORES is located at Elpitiya Road, Wathugethara, we specialize in Supplying, Selling and Transporting Hardware Items.

• S-lon PVC items and hot water fittings
• PE+, Arpico and Anton water tanks
• ACL, Orange, Kevilton, electrical goods and bulbs
• Multibond, Fevicol and FPI - FIX gum
• Paint - (JAT/SAYERLACK Waterbase)
• Bathroom
• Tools

Sanstha Insee/Tokyo cement, Steel - Lanwa/Melbom/Shakthi, Metal, Sand, Bricks, Polychrome Items, All S-Lon pipes, PVC fittings and hot water fittings, Ball Valve, ACL wires and switches, sandpaper, bathroom taps, Bip taps, sink taps, shower sinks, brass screws, nails, hinges, Bends, Sockets, Saddle Clip, Deep Junction Box, Square Equal Tee, Square Angle, Internal Angle, External Angle, Cross Piece, End Cap, Cover Joint, Accessory Box.
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