Ocean Of Life Ayurveda Resort

Hotels, Salon & Spas

185/a, Galle Road Kaikawala, Induruwa Induruwa
24 Hours Opened
We offer many different types of Ayurvedic treatments and therapies, which follows a time duration, a strict in-house vegetarian diet coupled with rest and relaxation. With ample facilities in-house and a lot of places to explore in and around. There is plenty for you to explore and experience in beautiful Sri Lanka. We do offer individual, customized day tours and travel experiences based on your interest or liking.

We are approved by the Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Department as a Panchakarma Treatment Centre and have registered as a resort at the Tourist Board of Sri Lanka.

Over the years, the one aspect that is evident is that we have had many clients’ who come back every year, to experience what we have to offer and of course, the one common thread in the testimonials are, the place, the surroundings, the quietude, the service and the simple flavors of Ayurveda Resort have left an impression, and touched their hearts in more ways than one…

Yes, we at Ocean of Life Ayurveda Resort strive to stay true to our heart!

Ocean of Life Ayurveda Resort , a renowned Ayurveda Wellness Centre where we offer the best Ayurvedic treatments in Sri Lanka.
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