Klassy Pastry Shop

Cafe, Fast Food

2C De Fonseka Road, Colombo 05. Colombo 05
08:00 - 19:00
Some passions last a lifetime: they are passed on from one generation to the next; growing ever stronger with each one. Our story too begins that way. A keen love for baking and making delightful goodies for her family and friends gave our Founder - a dedicated homemaker, the idea of sharing her creations with a wider audience. Born to a family with a long, reputed history in the food manufacturing industry as the innovators of a much loved brand in Sri Lanka, she had the necessary support to launch her own small business in 1979. Klassy started small – at home. The family kitchen was where the food was prepared personally, and the ‘shop’ was located in the converted garage. The wonderful aromas that drifted around tempting the neighbourhood for some years were now theirs to savour – and Klassy soon became more and more sought after for wholesome, tasty cakes and short eats.

As time moved on, recipes were mastered: new ones tried and tested, old ones treasured with pride, and continued to be prepared with love even when the next generation took over operations in 1997. In the following two decades traditions were honoured while Klassy expanded in both scope and size. Today, our space has completely taken over what used to be the family home, and our menu also caters to the new, ever changing demands of 21st century customers. But some things remain unchanged, like our values: our commitment to high quality and the best ingredients, using no preservatives or additives, maintaining exceptional cleanliness and safety standards and our almost obsessive passion for protecting the beloved taste that Klassy is so renowned for across the years.

Proud of our journey so far, we continue. Serving over 500 walk-in customers a day, we bring the wonderful taste of home-cooked goodness to everyone that steps through our doors.
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