JM Shoes


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    212 Galle Road, Beruwala
  • Opening hours
    09:30 - 20:30
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212 Galle Road, Beruwala Beruwala
09:30 - 20:30
JM Shoes is located at Beruwala. We specialize in all kinds of Foot wears which include : Gents Shoes, Leather Shoes, Deck Shoes, Sports Shoes, Gents Slippers, Rubber Slipper, Belt, Purse, Polish, Handbags, Socks, Perfumes, Ladies Slippers, Imported Court Shoes, Imported Slippers, P.U. Slippers, Point Heal, Flat Slippers, Hug Heef, Flat Sandals, Court Shoes, Boys Shoes, Boys Deck Shoes, Children Slippers, Children Sandals, Children Shoes, Kids Items, School Items, Children Rubber, Umbrella, Children Girls Slippers.
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